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spirited  portraits

Acting on inspiration is an important discipline. Doing new work, outside what’s comfortable & familiar. Exploring intriguing unknowns. Risking wrong turns. Surprising others and especially myself, are current goals. In my 60's I have what, 40 years of portrait-making left? So there’s still plenty of work to be done! -C.

new ‘short-session’ portraits
Often, my work is specifically to serve other people: giving them exactly
what they need. Striving to serve their needs and goals.
My new ‘Short-Sessions’ are for “me” personally to explore
new possibilities, test new thinking, flip assumptions inside out, and ask
new questions about my methods and means, approach, technique, attitude
and process. Exploring options more freely than is possible within
regular photo assignments for photography clients.


So... for ‘Short-Sessions I charge a reduced fee: usually $50.
And if you’re not totally satisfied, even though it’s all really for my
purposes, I offer a money back 100% refund!

Solos & Duets only (no larger groups!): currently “short sessions” are exclusively
for individuals and pairs, two people max (or one with a pet). Bigger groups are
available at regular fees—but don’t hesitate to ask if you have a
special situation that you think deserves a break.



‘Deb’ & Anne

Aug 18

So that’s what I’m up to. Please let me know if you’d like to join my process. I did only men at the start, because I thought they’d be harder or less receptive, but they’ve been great too. So now I’m doing women and couples and kids & pets... and have posted some examples with more on request.

Call (269-7700) or send me a note: -Clark





Hilary & Ava

Aug 18



Aug 19



Aug 19

Patrick, 4/2012


April 2012

tree portraits...

tree portrait

Chinquapin Oak, born in 1742...!?

May 1992

This wonderful tree is the first in a series of limited edition prints I am offering. It’s an *recent* portrait of the large Chinquapin Oak growing so majestically in the yard across the street just outside my window. By recent, I mean the image was made 23 years ago, May 4th of ’92, which seems long ago in many ways, tho’ arborists say this tree is between 200 and 300 years old, dating it back to when the Cherokee walked our neighborhood.

Since the photo was made, the tree has lost some limbs, and recently the property owner (Lydia) and I were sharing concern about a low hanging limb that has recently dropped much lower, which had to be removed. In ’92 this tree was vibrant and thriving, in its prime, and I was walking the neighborhood testing a new camera lens. In 2015, I’m doing more walks & lens tests, so you may see more trees here tpp. In the meantime, this image is printed in just one size for now, on a 17x22 sheet. Larger and smaller sizes, and pricing, available upon request. [6/16/11] -C.