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Winston, Bernadette, Miles, Bisquick


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Kids & pets series

Eli & Charley


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Casse women

Four generations of Casse women

September 2005

Tip Graham family photo

Graham family, (just barely) three generations

Thomas grandkids photo

Thomas grand kids

July 2010

This is my dad, Billy Thomas, with his youngest grandkids and his wife Brenda. Only just a snapshot that a pro might not show to clients, but with my Dad’s advanced Alzheimer’s and my kids' inclination to be goofy especially around their cousins, this is really a masterpiece. My mom thinks so anyway, and she was the client in this case. She used this on her 2011 Christmas card.

Grandmother Thomas

my Grandmother Thomas’s birthday

August 1972

Shot this on my Grandmother’s birthday back in 1972. Includes my dad and my grandmother’s brother in law, my mom, two of my sisters, Valerie & Sharron, and the new sun umbrella we gave her for her birthday.