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s i m p l e  q u o t e s
Good quotations are the verbal equivalent of still photographs.

This year I’ve decided to give inspiration more attention. And more respect. To take it less for granted. To listen, receive and incorporate inspirations with more discipline. To record them, and to follow through, and **do what they suggest** more often. Adding this page to my site is just such an action. The voice said, “Bring the quotes page back!” So here it is.

“Grabbed” this page from a ten year old archive of my 2001 site. What’s here today is from way back then, and will probably not survive my 2011 scrutiny. But soon, before the end of April, this page will be brand new. [4/10] -C.

You will find poetry nowhere
unless you bring some with you.
-Joubert (1754-1824)

God gave us eyes, but when we only looked, he
gave us cameras. But since we still wouldn’t see
he gave up and gave us television.

Assignment: Photograph the people in your life.
Shoot 50 pictures a month for three months. By month two
you should have some keepers—by the end of month three
you should be reaping big rewards. Team up with friends and
share your results, it will further inspire and motivate each one
of you. And show me what you're doing. I'll encourage you, and
help solve problems, and possibly post some of your photos.

You will see it when you believe it. -Dyer friend Henry Ambrose wrote this to a friend...
Often what makes a picture valuable are things that seem very ordinary.
When I go back and look at pictures of my son as a small child (he’s now 22)
I see things in the pictures that bring back memories—the old chair my in-laws gave us,
the first microwave oven I owned—things I did not notice at the time of the picture
and did not pay much attention to. Sometimes when I look at these photos
I am reminded of so many other 'ordinary' things from that part of my life
that I am nearly overwhelmed. (No, I'm not normally all gushy about
microwaves but I do remember early cooking 'experiments' with it
and a big electrical storm that blew it up.)

We do not see things as things as they are.
We see things as we are. - Morrie Camhi