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Clark Thomas portraits
meaningful photographs
22,000+ portraits and many more still to do.

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Exploring options with fresh eyes, and very few rules.
Engage the person behind the face and you’re almost done.

So what’s worth doing?
Even the most honest answer to this question, can change as contexts change
and whether the goal and purpose are short term, or a record for history.

Caring for People is what’s most worth doing!
Recording the wonderful ways people are, simply, in photographs.


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In my early days as a photo maker ‘what’s worth doing’ meant “how to get paid” but in time the questions sought “more” goals or reasons to make images, to open deeper values or meaning, further explorations, and possibly popular acceptance.

My clear sense was “there are indeed” valid new ways to photograph people, which in the late 1980’s led me to devise “barefoot portraits”, which certainly wasn’t earth shattering but it did define a new portrait paradigm. And an international photo magazine, “Camera & Darkroom,” spread the word about this work—which generated a worldwide response. As a result there are active businesses around the world today, based on my work, and in the intervening years, I’ve done literally thousands of “barefoot portraits” here in Nashville.

I do love how photography can bring attention to what we overlook or take for granted. Ordinary life, as we often live it, is under appreciated, but recorded in a wonderful photograph, we respond to it with new love and appreciation.
And as a portrait maker, I notice how many people tend to undervalue and even take themselves for granted too. Culture does this to us, but we should fight back and reassert our individual value, merit and personal strength—to be active contributors, not mere consumers. So I strive to capture and validate the unique spirit and vitality of each and every individual I photograph, even within group photos—to shine a light on the value each of us “is” and can share, moving forward, inspiring, appreciating and being generous toward our fellow human beings. -c.

To meet more people I offer discounted “Photo Day” deals to neighborhoods, schools & businesses, especially for those who want to explore options, or simply hope to become more comfortable in front of a camera. So from now until I get busy in October, please ask me how we might satisfy some complimentary goals.

I offer a monthly Evening Photo Class, and “photo coach” 1-on-1 or in small groups, and we can also make amazing quality large prints of YOUR digital photos. Supporting you toward your goals inspires my own progress & aspirations too.

If we could make ‘just one’ photograph
of You, or a person in your family
How and where should it be made? At what time of day? Alone, or with another person? Serious, or happy? And what should you be wearing? Should the photo be color, or black & white? See it in your mind, then let’s pull it together and go make it happen! I gave this style of portrait to my wife’s family years ago when we first met, and those images are still her family’s favorite images.

Choices for Everyone
Several NEW print & portrait styles
a monthly Evening Class plus
1-on-1 speed-coaching (!)
Learn photoshop in just hours
& ask to see “Grid Prints” and
restoring old photos, plus amazing
cherished object portraits! Also
cool Tool & “collection” portraits.
Curiosity welcome & encouraged.

$40 solo portraits
“individual” (non-group) short-sessions
9-minutes, 9-shots, proofs by email
experimental, never the same,
“playful or serious” you choose!
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Quick way to test a new look.
Fun headshot for updating FB.

Billy, age 11

Billy @ 11


My son Billy, for some reason “hated” the B&W photo below, and he bugged me about it, even offered to pose again! So we made the newer one which he likes much, much better. I still love the old one, but agree our update was overdue.

Billy, age six


6 years old, 2007

Awesome Options
& Fresh Thinking
and a healthy respect for both
inspiration and collaboration.

Rules keep changing and I’m
changing too, opening doors and
inviting you to see and be seen
and explore new options
for yourself. Ask if you’re
curious, or wait but
today and now is better.

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