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I never took a course in photography, I'm self taught, which really
means I learned from everybody. So I pay it forward freely.

‘Making inspired photographs’ — informal discussions for photo makers

photo group photo

photo group

early 2010

It’s an evening discussion group we started in December ’09... for anyone who does photography and wants to show their work and receive useful feedback. Originally we met monthly, but that seemed too often, given how amazingly rich the input was each time. Once a year would be great for me, but everyone can’t always make it, so quarterly allows more to take part, even if each person only makes it once or twice a year.

Each person shows recent photos, says what they hoped to achieve, how they feel about the results, then the group asks questions and gives feedback. We’re past due for another meeting, so late APRIL or sometime in MAY is looking ripe.

photo coaching

Accelerated learning... a personal photo-trainer or coach can rapidly ‘alter’ and improve your skills and what I call your ‘functional ability’ as a photographer, in a surprisingly short span of time. I help people visualize a specific ‘high yet realizable goal’ then we concoct a ‘scheme’ to in fact achieve that goal in an accelerated time frame, by first performing the activity at a high level, then the mind fills in most of the blanks on its own, wild as that may sound. Satisfaction is guaranteed, so you should certainly talk with me about this, to see if we are a good match.

One of my favorite learning ‘schemes’ that’s always powerful on multiple levels, especially with younger people, is to help people create their own hobby-level (or higher) photo business from scratch, starting with **photos for free** then building it step-by-step into a fully funded and functioning business over several months. It’s a very rich and amazing excercise, for almost any age level.

I’ve had a wide range of interesting apprentices, interns & students in various formats and circumstances. Nashville photographer Rob Stack apprenticed with me for nearly three years, and curiously, I am now his apprentice while learning CSS, a technology behind web site construction.

We do not see things as things as they are.
We see things as we are. - Morrie Camhi